My First Novel’s Cover!

It's Here--CoverOh my goodness, oh my goodness! It’s finally here! After having the honor of publishing seven novellas in seven different collections with Barbour (with more to come next year), I am finally getting the chance to see my name on a cover all by itself. Sand Creek Serenade, my first novel-length fiction, is coming out on March 14, 2019, and I am over the moon excited!

This story was a bit scary to write. I’ve never written about a well-known historical event like The Sand Creek Massacre. I’ve shied away from those because they are so heavily researched and written about, it’s been daunting to think about getting all the history correct.

However, from the moment this story came to me, I knew it was one that needed to be told. In fact, it was originally meant to be a novella-length piece in a collection of four stories. But as the plot came to me, I quickly knew I wouldn’t be happy writing just 20,000-30,000 words for this tale. It needed a full novel to do the story justice. Not to mention that I already had sequel ideas forming. So I made the decision to turn it into a novel, and to my wonderful surprise, Smitten Historical Romance was interested in it!

For those who haven’t heard about this story yet, here’s the back cover blurb:

Dr. Sadie Hoppner is no stranger to adversity. She’s fought to be taken seriously since childhood when her father began training her in the healing arts. Finding acceptance and respect proves especially difficult at Fort Lyon, where she’s come to practice medicine under her brother’s watchful eye.

Cheyenne brave Five Kills wouldn’t knowingly jeopardize the peace treaty recently negotiated between his people and the Army. But a chance encounter with the female doctor ignites memories of his upbringing among the whites. Too intrigued to stay away, tension erupts with the soldiers, and Five Kills is injured.

As he recuperates under the tender care of the pretty healer, an unlikely bond forms. However, their fledgling love is put to the test when each realizes that a much greater danger awaits—a danger they are wholly unable to stop and one which neither may survive.

And without wasting any more time, scroll down to see the beautiful cover that artist Elaina Lee did for this story.

(Keep scrolling)

(Just a little farther)

And here it is!

Sand Creek Serenade

I love this cover! And I would love to hear what you think as well. Thanks for sharing in my excitement.

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